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GoldFinch is a complete revision tool for school maths. The content is suitable for most exam boards at age 16. NO In-App purchases are required – everything is included and ready to go. There are no ads to distract you from revision either.

The app is available for both iOS and Windows.

Tools include over 80 explanation screens, more than 120 practice questions with system marking, video help for all skills and a sketchpad for working.

Shape and Space topics cover everything from rectangles to vectors, Pythagoras and trigonometry. That includes the higher-tier topics like sine and cosine rule. Probability topics range from basic probability through to conditional probability tree-diagrams. Statistics topics start with the median and go through cumulative frequency to histograms. Number and Algebra topics start with fractions and go all the way to completing the square and solving simultaneous equations where one is quadratic.

The material is organized in 14 topics and each topic is split down into the important and difficult skills – 68 in all. There is a learning screen with quick and clear revision notes and diagrams to explain the problem solving techniques. Then you can choose from three screens to progress further.

The Videos screen shows our selection of one or more videos for each skill from outstanding teachers around the world hosted on YouTube. These are a great way to get a more in depth look at the skill and, perhaps, a different and better way to understand it.

The Questions screen has two practice questions for each skill to confirm your understanding. These are both numerical and multiple-choice. The app will mark them for you and tell you the correct answer if need be. You can do some working on the Questions page.

Finally, there is a colour sketch-pad to let you do more extensive working on more difficult problems.

Revision is a hard task for any student but GoldFinch Maths will let you work through the task systematically and thoroughly at the highest level. It is fun to use and the quick access to the best online resources will get you the help you need at anytime.

Although it is focused on the needs of English school students at GCSE level, the topics are standard around the world and this will be useful to any student taking their exams in maths.



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