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Topics are organised into the main curriculum areas of Shape and Space, Data Handling and Number and Algebra. If you are sitting a linear paper you will need all three areas. Students on modular courses will not need all topics at all exams so pelase consult your teacher about the topics you need.

Each topic is broken down into individual skills. The content is designed to cover up to A* material. The app does assume basic knowledge of arithmetic skills like multiplication and division.

Database Initialisation

When you first install and use the app it has to take all the content stored in a file and use it to populate a database. This makes it quick and easy to move between topics, skills and questions later. However, it can take up to 30 seconds depending on the device. You will be shown a spinning activity indicator while this is happening. The Topics menu will be blank until it is finished. When you use the app again there will be no delay. When we issue content updates with more material the database will have to be repopulated so the delay will occur again on first use.

Using the Questions Screen

When you have selected a skill the Questions button becomes live.

Tap the Questions button to be taken to the Questions Screen where you will see two practice questions for that skill. There will also be a reminder of the key points from the skill screen and one of the two example diagrams.

Depending on the nature of the skill questions either require numeric answers or multiple-choice selections.

Numeric: Unless the questions says otherwise, always round correctly to ONE DECIMAL PLACE before entering your answer in the box. Some questions naturally need more accuracy and they tell you the rounding required.

Multiple-Choice: Enter the letter of your choice in the answer box. It is not case-sensitive.

Then tap the Mark button to find out whether you got it right. You will get a tick or a cross as feedback.

Tap the Answers button to find out what the correct answers are.

You can do some working on this screen in areas not used for diagrams or questions. Just write with your finger on the screen. There are some readymade shapes to help, like triangles and rectangles. If you choose Erase from the colours toolbar you can clear small parts of your working. You can tap the trash icon to clear your working completely - it will not affect the questions.

If you need a calculator remember that a 4-finger upward swipe will let you quickly access other apps on your iPad.


In the explanation screens both text panels and both diagrams can be zoomed individually. The easiest way to do this is to double tap the panel. Pinching out will also work, but is harder to do accurately because you must pinch out entirely on the panel. You can return to normal by a single tap or pinching together.

On the question screens you can zoom the reminder explanation and diagram in the same way. Each question can be zoomed with a double tap or pinch out. However, you must tap the Done button to return to normal because it will interpret pinching as drawing on the question screen.

Using the Videos Screen

When you have selected a skill the Videos button will become live.

Tap the button to be taken to YouTube. We have identified videos uploaded by outstanding teachers from around the world that cover the skills and topics you are revising. The video you will be shown is the closest match to the skill selected that was available at the last update. When you are done with watching the video tap the Doen button to return to the skill.

The library of videos on YouTube is improving all the time and we expect to provide further videos at every update.

Our current set of playlists is available here.


The Sketch Screen

At all times you have access to the sketch screen. This lets you write and draw in 4 colours on the full device screen.

This will be useful for doing more complex working when you have no pen or paper available. It can also be used as a Mini-Whiteboard in a classroom setting.


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