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Connecting to your friends

Tap on "Connect" to start Game Center and find friends to play with. If you want to play with a particular friend choose them from your list of friends and Game Center will send them an invitation. If they do not have SpiritFuji then they will be taken to the App Store for a free download. Otherwise they can accept the invite and start playing. It may take a little while for all this to happen. Stay in touch with them by messaging them as it happens.

If you want to find new friends you can ask Game Center to find other players automatically, if someone is also doing this at the same time somewhere in the world you will be connected.

The Basics

SpiritFuji works by communicating with your friend's device. You have to use Game Center to connect to a friend before playing the game. The app will start this process as soon as you tap on "Connect".

After that you can explore the options for different ways to play the game.

You can read about the history of Fuji or Ouija by tapping on the Chinese word 扶乩 in the middle of the screen.

Fuji or Planchette?

Tap the information icon top right for all the settings. You can choose between traditional Fuji or the Victorian style Planchette

Fuji which will move a glass across a picture, with or without ink. This is how the ancient Chinese system worked.

Planchette works like the Victorian fixed pointer games. This is the way that the game Ouija also works.

Setting your own background

You can choose picture from your device to set as the background if you want to. It might be fun! The app uses the built in picture selection tools. The App works in landscape only so sometimes some pictures will not have the correct aspect ratio. It helps to select the picture with the device help landscape to force the Pictures App to get the aspect ratio right.

You can revert to the default backgrounds by tapping the green curly arrows.

Chatting with your friend

If you both tap "Chat" you can have a voice chat while you play. Be very careful with this tool because if the devices are in the same room you will get acoustic feedback. If this happens mute one of the devices as quickly as possible and then turn off the chat function.


This control adjusts how abruptly the planchette or glass respond.



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